Book Review: Psy Changeling Series


So after I finished Archangel’s War I was not ready to leave Nalini‘s worlds and so re-read the first four books of the Archangel series. However my friend FINALLY convinced me that I would like this series as well and that I should just give it a chance. I did in the end, as I got up to the Legion book and decided I didn’t want to re-read that one. Jeez am I pleased I did.

So I am currently reading book four. The books seem to follow a similar pattern, both to each other, and also to the Archangel series. Each book continues the overall story but focuses on a different character and a different relationship. I like the predictability, I like that they deal with some really dark issues, but also that generally (or at least so far) we get a cathartic ending. As with Archangel’s war – I read this for pleasure. At the moment so much is going on at work and home, that I definitely use reading as an escape, a chance just to tune everything else out and to temporarily live in someone else’s problems.

I love these characters, I love the strong females who fight for what they want. I love the strong male characters who understand the importance of pack, and I love the types of people in this world – the Psy, the changeling and the human. As with Archangel series, I love that all of these people are needed and have their place in the framework of the world, that without one things would be unbalanced.

Sasha who you meet in book one is still definitely my favorite character, but there are some others up there competing for first place!

I will do another review once I finish, but wanted to share what I was currently reading.

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