Book Review: Archangel’s War

Archangel's WarSo I was lucky enough to go to a launch night of this fantastic book and buy a copy which Nalini then signed. I got home from the event at about 9pm, and started reading straight away. I really struggled, so much of me wanted to just read through the night, however the other part of me knew that the book would be over too soon and that I should savor it. As it was I did not finish the book until the afternoon of the 26th.

I was not quite ready to write about it though, nor was I ready to leave the world, and so I immediately launched into re-reading the first four books in the series.

This book picks up where the previous book left off, and was absolutely perfect! I loved everything about it. I also can understand that this is a series that I read purely for pleasure, so I do not try to be very critical, I just read this to escape and enjoy.

This book was a little slow to start. However I just reminded myself that most people have been waiting a year for this book, so the retelling of certain things makes sense from that point of view. However, I have to say that overall I think we have had the image of Caliane leaving Raphael broken on a field recapped just a few too many times.

I liked the changes in Elena, ones that were essential in order to enable her to become a major player in the upcoming battle. However despite these changes it did not change the nature of her character. Rather she was able to stay who she was, and we were able to see Raphael stay who he was. I liked that we saw them all take little glimpses of normality throughout the book – stolen moments, with friends or lovers made them continue to seem human.

This book has more action than any other book in the series so far. The action only works because of the way that Nalini has worked up the situation so that we care about these characters.  I even really liked the fact that it took them forever to work out what Elena being a mirror meant.

I didn’t love the ending. I understand from a narrative point of view what needed to happen – but the ending on the whole just left me feeling a little frustrated. But also now we have to wait again for another book!! I cannot wait though to hear Bluebell’s story!

I continue to love this series, I think the characters and the setting are amazing. I want desperately to have my own wings, and to live in the refuge. I love the way that in this world everyone needs to coexist in order for the world to survive. I also love that living for thousands of years does not necessarily make you rich, strong or powerful. The nuances of power in this series are brilliant, and so realistic.

I also continue to love Raphael’s and Eleana’s relationship, that they don’t accept the status quo and they challenge and push each other.

Sigh. SO much to love! And now here I am waiting once again for the next book!

Mrs K
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