Review: Everless

Everless. Written by Sara Holland

35883046Ok, so this book took me a really really long time to get into. Even by the end I finished it more out of an obligation rather than an actual enjoyment. I will say that there were definitely a few twists in there that took me totally by surprise.

Initially this book felt very much like the movie with Justin Timberlake – In Time. This was not a movie I loved, although I liked the concept, and I kinda felt the same with the book. I will say that I much preferred the books explanation of how they were able to take time off a persons life – I thought that this was very well thought out. However much of the rest of the book was a little hard to follow, and often lacked the full explanation that I would have liked.

Essentially, the book’s entire plot consisted of pointless secrets, terrible character decisions and an annoyingly annoying true love.  This is the kind of book that made me think about horror movie tropes. So we all say right – that we don’t understand why the girl who is by herself would run upstairs and not out the front door to safety when there is a person in the house. This book had the same concept. Why did the characters not just actually talk to each other? If they had, then the whole book would have had no secrets and been over in about 1/5th of the time!

The characters themselves were not well developed. They emitted no empathy from me. In fact. I had very little desire to actually know if they lived or died at any point.

I think I have voiced my opinion before about love stories that just don’t belong. Yup! This one did not fit, was not really needed and added absolutely NOTHING to the story.

There was the potential in this book for a really strong female character to stand up for 32320661herself, to discover herself, to be the heroine and live happily every after. I will say she does sort of try that, and I do appreciate that aspect of the book. But she still manages to come off as weak and annoying. I did not need her to be all heartsick for a boy, and overall there was too much happening in her life to be realistic.

I have the second book already from the library, but I feel quite safe to say that I will be dropping it back to the library unread and I do not feel even a little tiny bit bad about that!

Overall – my feelings can be summed up in three words “Nope, Nope and Nope!”

Mrs K
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, teenage fiction, speculative fiction


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Mrs K

A teacher and a book lover! A mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a daughter, a granddaughter. We get so busy so quickly it is nice to take the time to ponder and wonder and reflect!

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