Review: Catwoman: Soulstealer

Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons #3) written by Sarah J Maas


So I finished this book yesterday, having started it the day it came out (The 8th for us in NZ!) I really really enjoyed it, and the length of time it took me to read it is not a reflection on the quality of the book.

This morning, as I prepared to review this book I logged into goodreads. Which is usually my go to – and I like to see what other people have said before I begin to write. I was honestly shocked this time round, that the reviews were largely negative. But I LOVED this book. I feel like I need to throw in a disclaimer, that while I have watched the Batman movies, I do not know anything about the Gotham City timeline or lore. So this book was quite out of the blue for me – and largely was just an enjoyable read with fictional characters, I did not think more of it. Perhaps after my hubby finishes the book I will add his insights about if it fits in the world and the lore.

So – maybe my love of Sarah J Maas overrides my critical abilities but I thought this was a great book. The character, was flawed, which made her a believable character, she also had a clear motivation.

There were certainly parts that struck me as cliche, and that of course were slightly predictable. The romance story line was certainly this. However that did not detract from the fact that it was an enjoyable story.

I did struggle with her plan to bring down Gotham City, which felt like at the end it was less of a plan, and more of a personal vengeance, and things at the end got a little blurry and confusing, but at  the end I was left with a lovely feeling of hope and catharsis. I really enjoyed that among the bad guys there was this token of good, and understanding that good and bad are the two sides to the same coin. That they are needed in order to have balance. I also enjoyed the discovery of female friendship. These relationships felt far more important than the romantic one, and it was nice to see that focus.

Overall I felt this was a really enjoyable read. It was obviously set in the world of Gotham City that we are familiar with, and with the corruption that already exists there.

Mrs K

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Comic Books, DC

Review: Change of Heart

Change of Heart. Written by Mary Calmes

7129023The good reads bio of Mary Calmes says “Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there”. I feel like in so many ways this is the most apt description of the book ever.

This book took me by surprise, I read it on recommendation that it was a little bit similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses. I started it late one night, expecting to read a few pages and before I stopped I was 55% of the way through the book. It was surprisingly readable.

It follows a male/male relationship who are also Werepanthers, and bound by the laws of a society beyond our own. They live within our world, and among us, but they recognize other Cats, and understand there is a different expectation for them.

Jin and Crane are best friends. I love that that was the premise of the novel, that that is where the book began, and is what was most important to them. Jin is a Reah, which makes him unique. But just how unique we do not realise until later on in the novel.

Later Jin meets his mate. I find it interesting just how many books at the moment are going down the path of mates. and what it says about our current society. I wonder if it is a response to Tinder and Grinder, and people largely looking for sex in society, that has led to an influx in books where there is one person for everyone and they hold a connection beyond words.

The sex scenes in this book actually made me blush. However beyond that I did like that you saw the characters struggle to change and accept each other. I will definitely be reading the next couple of books in the series, but also was happy to not feel an absolute compulsion to need to find out what happens next.

If you are ok with the M/M depictions then you should definitely read this, as it was a great read!

Mrs K

Genre: Fantasy

Review: Glass Sword

book+coverReview: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

This was the second book in the series. It took me a lot longer to read this book than I would like to admit! I found the pace quite confusing. The first 50% of the book covered four days since the end of the last book, and then there was a dramatic jump and the second half took lots longer!

The ending has me wanting to keep reading the next book, but I struggled with a lot of this book. The pace, obviously, but also the character development and motivations. Mare became a very different character, which I did understand, but her internal conflict seemed to contradict her position as a leader. While it is nice to see a character complete with all their flaws, I overall felt like there were too many flaws for her to remain a realistic character. I will say that I still love the premise of the book, and the character of Cal. I also love Julian and his continuous wisdom.

I think I will read the third book, I would like to finish the story and know what happens to these characters. But first I think I will take a break and read something different.

Mrs K

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