PLG Log 6 – An e-learning reflection

I feel like I have a spotted history with e-learning.

On the one hand I am quite au fait with digital worlds and devices. I feel like from that point of view I can seamlessly integrate them into my world.And in particular with my world of teaching.

I think the issue that I have when it comes to e-learning is that I easily get caught in various fads. Now I don’t mean fads with technology so much as I mean fads of my own creation. Or perhaps more than this – I get caught up with one really cool idea at the end of a school year, when I have the time to think and create, but it is not logical for me to continue this once I have a full teaching load.

I went through a stage where I created class websites – using weebly or google sites – these were a great idea, and they look pretty impressive. But I was not able to keep up with them once school started. This is where google classroom and moodle have some definite advantages. Although they often feel clunky and do not look pretty, they are at least very user friendly which makes them good to use consistently.

I have over the past few years used kidblog – although I noticed that I did not use it this year – not for any reason other than forgetting about it. This year I have experimented more than every before with the google tools. I have also regularly used Kahoot and also used the classroom tools site which includes fakebook and the likes. imagesHowever I feel quite disappointed to say that I have not really tried anything new, innovative or exciting.

When I say this – I mean using technology. I think on more than one occassion I have had exciting, new and innovative lessons. The two are not mutually exclusive.

My goals for next year, will be to endeavor to use more. To experiment more!


Mrs K